What it is:
A major overhaul hack of Super Mario Bros. 3 using the Southbird (that's me!) 2011 Disassembly.
Currently released is Rev 2B! (2/24/15)

You can download IPS patches for USA Super Mario Bros. 3 ROMs, both PRG0 and PRG1 varieties. I used Lunar IPS to generate these, and you should use it to apply them.
NOTE: After patching, verify your file's MD5sum is 4c7960cb6aa162ae2160fb111c3e4d92.

Starting fresh? Use these:

Upgrading from an existing version? Use these:

3Mix and the SMB3 Disassembly:

  • I'm not here to help you on your personal hack projects, but if you want I can answer short questions. Feel free to contact me via Twitter @cptsouthbird

LEGACY STUFF, DO NOT USE unless you have some weird historical reason to do so:

OLD Rev 0 (formerly "1.0") files are still here for now:

OLD Beta IPS files are still here for now:

OLD Two World Demo IPS files are still here for now: